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Sustainability is becoming more important in our every day life. Luckily real estate companies have begun to create a green footprint as well. Being development is the first Dutch real estate company with a B Corp certificate.


In 2017 we started redesigning several communication items, such as the corporate brochure, press releases and announcements.

The brochure has an overview of current projects and their details. We used ‘construction’ elements in the lay-out, such as measurement cropmarks, and architectual details.

Close Up 7.png

For an invite to an exclusive night at the Eye Museum for a movie experience on architecture and design, Being Development asked us to design the lay-out. We drew an illustration of the iconic EYE building to feature on the invite.

Being Poster Mockup.jpg

“Creating positive environments” - Being Development

Being Development currently works on the development of the nhow Amsterdam RAI (the largest new development hotel in the Netherlands), Bunkertoren (100-meter-tall mixed use: living, working and catering), Aloft Utrecht (the first WELL certified hotel in the world) and The Joan (an iconic workplace for creative businesses in Amsterdam).



Art Direction
Graphic Design
Press Release Design

Being Development