Oxfam Novib Redesign

Close Up Magazine 2.0.

For years Designtree is responsible for the design of Oxfam Novib's magazine Close Up that updates contributors about achieved goals, current campaigns, activities and more. Designtree works closely with Bindinc on this project. Last April Bindinc asked me to redesign the magazine. Oxfam Novib had communicated that the current layout wasn't strong enough to inform their contributors the way they wanted. The approach should be more traditional, less conceptual.

The brief: Create a more traditional cover design, add four pages with new content, keep the existing layout of articles, use only the corporate fonts, colour- and pattern pallet.

- Some first sketches - 

Above a preview of the first sketches. None of them really work, as you can see. The first one is too corporate, more suitable for a brochure or financial report. The second one has potential but already looks a bit busy with the background image and cover lines which don't come out well. The third one feels heavy and out-dated. We did not show these designs to the client.  

- Final sketches -

The second round of design came up with something that did work. The masthead is centered, a white line is put around the image giving it some air, there is space for a big theme coverline and two or three additional lines. The 'balloon' reflects a personal quote belonging to the person in the cover image. Designtree created six covers to show the potential of the design. 

- The total flatplan -

In addition to the new cover and with the content provided by Bindinc for the added pages, Designtree set up a flow to show the client that the new cover, the added pages and made changes, contribute to the existing layout in a positive way.  

- Before and after -

The final result is shown here. The client is pleased, as is Bindinc. I believe it is an upgrade for the magazine. If you have any remarks, questions or comments, please share them. I'm exited to hear from you. All images © Oxfam Novib.