A talented booklet

Designtree helps win pitch AVROTROS Klassiek



AVROTROS Klassiek presenteert! is an initiative of AVROTROS with the aim to help boost the professional career of young classical music talents. Designtree was invited by Bindinc. to come up with an idea to help promote this initiative. The concept we created, helped win the pitch.

The result is a fresh looking booklet with high-end photography, a soft tone color palette and inviting typography. The booklet shares interviews, background stories, tips and special offers.

The first edition was published in July 2018 and features Dutch classical violinist Niek Baar. The booklet is handed out exclusively to new members of AVROTROS Klassiek. We are currently working on the second edition which will be launched November 2018.

Project leader Marjolein Lever
Editor-in-Chief Saskia de Jong (Bindinc.)
Concept and art direction Designtree
Photography Malou van Breevoort
Styling Luz David von Franquemont 

Source: https://www.avrotros.nl/klassiek/item/het-...