Oh Oh Oh

Designtree turns Oh magazine into a high-end bookazine


Oh is the magazine of Sansyl, one of the largest publisher of soft erotic magazines worldwide. For the 13th edition, Designtree was asked to redesign the magazine and turn it into a bookazine with a more artistic feeling.

We added new fonts, rearranged the lay-out and set up a new cover design. We also decided to loose the soft color palette, the ‘O’ element on the previous cover images and make more bold statements in typography and styles.

The new Oh is launched December 2018 and offers a mixture of soft erotic, high end photography by Carin Verbruggen and Ferry Drenthem Soesman, Peter Lindberg and McKenzie James and literature of, amongst others, writer Arnon Grunberg.

Client: Sansyl
Editor-in-Chief: Wim Spijkers
Cover image: Rianne Noordegraaf
Cover model: Judith Osborn
Number of pages: 164 (€11,90)