How Do We Stay Authentic?

How social media shapes our view of reality and affects our understanding of our true selves.

Credit: Annie Spratt

Credit: Annie Spratt

We live in a digital age that lets us make ourselves the heroes in our own stories. We can connect with others like never before and yearn to create and share content that inspires them. Social media has been around for 15 years and life without it now seems unimaginable. But social media also shapes our view of reality and affects our understanding of our true selves. So how do we stay true to who we are? And to what extent does our own content influence us?

Dorien wrote an article about it explaining why she launched The Folks Magazine and why she think it’s so important for people to have a place where they are encouraged to reveal their true selves instead of their best selves.

Read the article here.


Green pitching at the launch of Folks & Dudes

On November 10, The Folks of Amsterdam and Dude magazine, launched Folks & Dudes, a pop-up event designed to support young creatives. At the QO Amsterdam, three young designers got on stage to pitch their sustainable idea to David Snellenberg, founder of the sustainable, award winning agency Dawn. Here’s a publication on the event featured in the spring edition of dude.

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Eventdesign: Dorien Franken
Collaboration: The Folks Magazine and BNO/dude
Date: November 10, 2018