Hooray, it's our birthday

The Folks Magazine turns two.

On June 21st The Folks Magazine turned two. The independent magazine, that was founded in 2017 and that focuses on sharing in-depth stories with the creative industry of Amsterdam, has grown into platform that offers interviews, videos and events.

A big cheer to all interviewed heroes, collaborating partners, and of course our followers for supporting us. We love you. For collaborations, more information or just a high five, contact Dorien Franken


Green pitching at the launch of Folks & Dudes

On November 10, The Folks of Amsterdam and Dude magazine, launched Folks & Dudes, a pop-up event designed to support young creatives. At the QO Amsterdam, three young designers got on stage to pitch their sustainable idea to David Snellenberg, founder of the sustainable, award winning agency Dawn. Here’s a publication on the event featured in the spring edition of dude.

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Eventdesign: Dorien Franken
Collaboration: The Folks Magazine and BNO/dude
Date: November 10, 2018

Folks & Dudes

The Folks Magazine and Dude magazine launch Folks & Dudes


The Folks Magazine and Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine are joining forces to launch Folks & Dudes: an event designed to help young creatives to grow and connect. The talk will be held on November 10, on the topic: ‘HOW TO PITCH YOUR SUSTAINABLE IDEA’. The speaker, David Snellenberg, co-founder of Dawn.

Creativity and entrepreneurship
Folks & Dudes is an initiative by Dorien Franken (founder of The Folks Magazine) and Freek Kroesbergen (Editor-in-Chief of Dude, the BNO’s magazine). Folks & Dudes will focus primarily on helping young creatives to learn from more established entrepreneurs. The idea came about following a discussion between the two magazines, during which it emerged that creativity and entrepreneurship were what drove them both. In bringing together their skills, knowledge and experience, not to mention their shared passion, Folks & Dudes promises to be a breath of fresh air in Amsterdam’s crowded talk event market.

Earlier this year, The Folks Magazine held two sold-out events at the private members’ club A’DAM&Co., in the A’DAM TOWER. In light of the successive occurrence of the demand for tickets far outstripping the club’s capacity, Franken, Hans Brouwer and the A’DAM&Co. team agreed that it would be wise to hold future events elsewhere. The partnership with A’DAM&Co. remains otherwise unaffected, which means club members are still eligible for free tickets to The Folks events. 

Folks & Dudes matches the venue to the topic in order to enhance the overall experience. The new, circular-philosophy-based QO Amsterdam will be the venue for this edition.     

Folks & Dudes kicks off with the talk, ‘How To Pitch Your Sustainable Idea.’ Three young, sustainability-oriented designers are invited on stage to pitch their idea, product or service to David Snellenberg, who will review each idea and offer immediate feedback.

Snellenberg, voted ‘best in the business’ (by Adformatie) and whose agency’s (Dawn) clients are predominantly sustainable concerns, will select the three candidates based on the originality and potential longevity of their idea, and how well they’ve thought through its development.

Event details
Date: Saturday, November 10, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Location: QO Amsterdam
Tickets: €15 which includes coffee, tea and a small snack.
Tickets are non-refundable.

Source: http://www.thefolksmagazine.com/events/fol...


The Folks of Amsterdam celebrates its one year anniversary

The Folks Magazine turned 1 on June 21st. What an adventure it’s been. What started as a dream to launch my own magazine, turned in to a real product that embraces my wildest expectations. With the help and hard work of jerome de Lint, Siji Jabbar and Paul Roest the magazine came to life. I'm so proud of that. We've grown and become a brand and at the same time we are still learning and exploring, trying to take the next step which is funding. Thanks for all the support, lovely comments and conversations. Thank you, writers, storytellers, partners, friends and of course our Folks. Here’s looking at you. 


The Folks Talks | Art & Copyright

On January 30th we launched the first (and sold out) edition of The Folks Talks, a talk show where creative folks meet and great, share and learn. The topic was Art & Copyright. Artistic Director of UNSEEN, Emilia van Lynden and lawyer Aernoud Bourdrez talked about trends, techniques, and the role of conflict within the art industry. For all of you who missed it, here's the aftermovie. Enjoy! 

Great evening, fantastic speakers, unbelievable location. Something for everyone to see and come visit.
— Visitor
“It’s like Hannibal Smith already said: I love it when a plan comes together. With Folks, everything comes together: beautiful design, fantastic content and inspiring people.
— Aernoud Bourdrez, Lawyer
The talks were beautiful but the view is amazing as well, so the combination of the two makes it a wonderful night.
— Norbert Ter Hall, Film Director