The Folks of Amsterdam

On a daily bases, people launch their own business or grow their existing one. We’ve always been a strong supporter of anyone going out there and make a business that inspires change. When we started contemplating about creating an independent magazine in 2016, we wanted it to reflect just that: a celebration of people, creatives, believers, change makers, dreamers and otherwise business engaged folks that had a story to tell that would inspire, resonate and stick.

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The Folks of Amsterdam is an independent magazine featuring fresh conversations with today’s daring, adventurous and creative artists and makers of Amsterdam.


>> Our magazine is expected in the fall of 2019.


Focusing on creativity, guts, failure and glory, The Folks of Amsterdam provides an honest and look into the lives of its subjects via long-form interviews and videos portraits. The Folks also launched a successful quarterly event, and has a growing presence on social media.


Each interview is supported by a teaser video, a 30 seconds video portraits to introduce a creative. A great way to get to know folks in a hurry.

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On Instagram and Facebook The Folks of Amsterdam showcases interviews, video’s and behind the scenes. All posts are carefully designed within the overall Folks branding.


With a mission to tell stories that inspire change, the magazine is devoted entirely to human-centered content, asking vibrant, independent folks of Amsterdam about their failures and their glories and the crossroads of their stories. 


The Folks of Amsterdam is founded in 2016 by Dorien Franken and is made by a small, all working and living in Amsterdam. Studio Designtree created the total brand identity and is responsible for all activities.



Concept Development
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Website Design
Strategy and PR
Social Media Design
Event Design
Video Design

The Folks of Amsterdam is
a project of Studio Designtree

Photography Director | Jerome de Lint
Editor at Large, Translator | Siji Jabbar
Video | RubenPaulRuben

2016, ongoing